Homemade Pizza Ideas for Summer

Homemade Pizza

I think pizza is by far one of the best things you can make on an outdoor grill. During the summer, I grill pizza at least once a week. Our bakery makes the best fresh pizza dough—which is the hardest part about homemade pizza. It’s one of those hidden gems that once customers find it, they can’t get enough of. It looks a little intimidating in the package, but it’s very soft and fairly sticky, and it’s coated in a generous layer of olive oil to give it great flavor. I love to leave mine out on the counter for several hours before I roll it so that the gluten relaxes. Read more about Homemade Pizza Ideas for Summer

Taste of the Quad Cities

quad city pizza mahtomedi minnesota

Search “Quad City–style pizza” on Wikipedia, and 28 results will come up. There were 27—and not a single one near Minnesota—until one day in June, that changed. Mahtomedi made the list and Quad Cities native and QC (“Quad Cities”) Pizza owner Dennis Schneekloth rejoiced.
“QC was always an idea in my mind … something scribbled on a napkin,” he says. “Then things just fell into place.” He can’t talk about his brand without gushing a bit about other beloved QC flavors. For Schneekloth all worthwhile culinary roads lead home.
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