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by | Sep 2023

White Bear Lake Magazine September/October 2023

If you’ve followed along with my recent editor’s notes, you may recall that I’ve been busy planning my own backyard wedding this year. And while it’s been a not-so-controlled chaos that I wouldn’t mind not going through again (minus the whole wonderful getting married part), it’s helped me realize an interesting pattern.

Lately, my response to the friends and strangers asking, “How are you?” is, “Busy.” It’s become a go-to for me during this season. Many of us categorize our lives for months, years and decades as feeling and being busy. And it’s true—in our society as a whole, we live quite bustling lives. But the more I respond to that question with “busy,” the more I dislike framing my life as something stressful and chaotic. So—here’s the realization: I’ve taken to reframing this time in my life. It’s exciting, monumental (and still, at times, stressful) but not busy. It’s full.

In these pages, you’ll find an assortment of people living exceptionally full lives. In our Senior Spotlight, meet four standout high school seniors who are invested in their schools and communities in a significant way. Then, learn from local eco-tour guide Kyle Te Poel, who is introducing people around the world to the beauty of our state. In our Education department, White Bear Lake Area Schools superintendent Wayne Kazmierczak—also known as Dr. K—shares his story and plans for the future of the district. These humans are living life to the fullest, embracing their interests, reaching their goals and making waves. We’re so honored to share their stories and more in this education and homes issue.

By the time you read this, my wedding and all the chaos of planning will be over—replaced by the perpetual onward motion of life. But I hope I’ll forever remember the lessons of this time and seek to perceive my world as something that I’ve built, chosen and continue to enjoy—something truly full.

Until next time,

-Zoe Deal


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