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White Bear Lake Magazine March/April 2024

In this day and age, there are many who wonder whether something’s been lost. Towns aren’t as safe anymore. Neighbors aren’t as helpful as they used to be. Society is worse off than it was before. I was listening to a podcast recently that discussed these “persistent myths” as a psychological illusion driven by memory bias. That, as the years go by, bad memories look less bad and good memories seem even better—so our past always looks sunnier than our present.

As I listened, I wasn’t surprised by this research­ and its conclusions—perhaps because my role at White Bear Lake Magazine is all about sharing goodness. In this issue alone you’ll find stories of a teacher who discovered a need to empower, and be empowered, in schools across the world; a family that built a successful business by investing in its community; and a nonprofit that recognizes and serves local families in need.

In this role, I’m ever aware that we are surrounded by good people doing good work. And at a time when some feel disillusioned and heartbroken, sharing this joy is a pursuit that I’ll never grow tired of.

This Homes, Family and Senior Living issue is full of stories of love and hope. Read about one couple’s path to finding their forever home. Their tranquil North Oaks abode reflects their life and love in every corner. Next, learn about a Mahtomedi mother whose journey to become a better parent has led her to become a parenting coach. Her insight into how our pasts can affect children is revelatory.

I hope this season brings you peace,

Zoe Yates


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