Dancing Through Life at the White Bear Center for the Arts

by | May 2024

Dance Classes White Bear Center for the Arts

Photo: White Bear Center for the Arts

Local dance artist Jan Chamberlin is passionate about the profound impact that dance can have in the community. After studying dance in New York City, Chamberlin moved to White Bear Lake and has been teaching ballet and tap classes at White Bear Center for the Arts for over 20 years.

Chamberlin sees firsthand the incredible impact that dance has on the lives of her students. She recounts the many health benefits of dance, including better balance, coordination, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. But it’s the lesser-known benefits that Chamberlin believes have the biggest impact. Dance positively affects mental health, boosts memory and builds confidence as dancers improve and complete steps.

“Dance is an incredibly mindful experience, so taking a class is practicing mindfulness,” Chamberlin says. “Most importantly, dancing together with a group of people builds empathy and community and has formed many lasting friendships.”

Over the years, Chamberlin has formed a joyful dance community in the White Bear area and hopes the group continues to grow.

Ellie Fuelling is the communications manager at WBCA. Learn more about classes, programs and events at whitebeararts.org.


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