Little Dynamo

by | May 2024

Little Dynamo

Photo: Jane Schneeweis

Award-winning photo captures summertime fun.

On a warm summer evening at the Schneeweis family home—a cherished spot that’s been passed down for generations—Jane Schneeweis captured this photo of her grandchildren jumping off the dock on the east shore of White Bear Lake. “They playfully entertained the youngest one, humorously pretending she could push them all in,” Schneeweis says. She recalls a contagious bout of laughter that swept through the whole family. “This image serves as a poignant reminder of the profound love and appreciation I hold for the simple yet meaningful moments with my children and grandchildren,” Schneeweis says.

Photographer: Jane Schneeweis
Title: Little Dynamo
Equipment: iPhone 8
Category: People
Award: First Place


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