“Birding to Change the World”

by | May 2024

Birding to Change the World

This time of year always puts me in the mood for books that feed the excitement to spend as many hours as possible outside again.

Birding to Change the World by Trish O’Kane is an informative and heartfelt memoir of an “accidental ornithologist” whose path led her from investigative journalism (which is evident in her writing) to becoming an environmental studies professor. O’Kane artfully weaves personal stories with scientific knowledge and social justice commentary to chronicle the powerful connections that can be forged from a shared love of birds.

The issues surrounding conservation can often feel huge and daunting, but O’Kane shows us that we can each play an important role starting right here in our own community.

This book will have you digging out your binoculars and heading outside!

Kia White is an employee at Lake Country Booksellers. Find Birding to Change the World at Lake Country Booksellers or your local library.


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