Mahtomedi resident Deborah Stevens pens her first book.

A father’s hometown was the starting point for a thriller that will keep readers riveted.
Local author Deborah Stevens.

Family secrets, a secret society, the Catholic Church and an ancient relic are only a few of the intriguing elements in Mahtomedi resident Deborah Stevens’ first book, The Serpent’s Disciple.

Stevens, who worked tirelessly for two and a half years to get this book out into the world, was inspired by her father’s birthplace of Pesaro, Italy; once she had picked Pesaro as the setting, the story began to develop from there. She was constantly surprised as she continued to research and found that what she was writing was more connected to reality than she had originally thought. “I kind of let the book guide me,” Stevens says. “I would just pull things out of the air and then all of a sudden there would be a cross-link.”

This thriller chronicles the story of Anthony and Antonella “Nelli” Andruccioli, who find their family vacation derailed as they are forced to protect the Church from a plot to kill the pope and control the world governments. Be sure to check out Stevens's website to learn more about the novel. The Serpent’s Disciple is available as an ebook or in paperback on