Lens on the Lake: Still Waters

Third-place Activities and Events winner shares the story behind her photo.
Water and clouds make for a stunning and ethereal photograph.

“Peaceful” and “dreamy” are some of the words Alli Neuhaus uses to describe the moment she captured her photo, Early Morning Canoe on the Lake. “It almost didn’t feel like reality,” Neuhaus says. “It feels like a whole different world; you’re away from everyone.”

Neuhaus, who has been involved in photography for more than four years, says the opportunity for the photo came when she was canoeing and saw how beautiful the clouds looked reflecting on the water. “I remember looking out and I could see seaweed in the water because it was so glass-clear,” Neuhaus says. “I noticed the clouds reflecting up and I was, like, ‘That might be kinda cool.’ ”

To Neuhaus, photography is about living in the moment. “It really helps me appreciate what I have,” she says. “And appreciate the little things in life.”
Neuhaus, whose creativity seems limitless, also enjoys traveling and capturing those moments through video and photography. You can check out her website and blog.