White Bear Lake Woman Named as President of National Association of Women Lawyers

As the current president of the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL), Angela Beranek Brandt helps women in the legal profession overcome challenges she has experienced.

“I am leading an organization that is making the legal profession better for women,” says Brandt, who is a partner at Larson King law firm in St. Paul.

“I went to my first meeting and met all of these really smart, really accomplished, really impressive women,” Brandt says.

Joining in 2004, she worked on committees, and held board, officer and chair roles, until her appointment as president on August 1.

As president, Brandt is the chair of the board and the intermediary between the board, the executive director and staff.     

“Doing something bigger than just me is important,” Brandt says. “And I’m optimistic we’re going to continue to make greater strides.”