White Bear Lake Woman Gets the Chance to Be on The Price Is Right

Amy Bachmeier with host Drew Carey

Amy Bachmeier got an opportunity that not many others get. “I’ve been watching The Price Is Right for a long time. So for me, it was kind of like a bucket list item to go,” Bachmeier says.

Bachmeier had read online that being enthusiastic helped people get picked. So at the October 2016 taping, that’s what she did. “My group was really enthusiastic while we were waiting in line outside of the studio,” Bachmeier says.

When she got down to Contestant’s Row, she bid $1 on a mobile stainless steel kitchen island, new pots and pans, a fryer, a bread maker and a grill. After winning, she got to spin the wheel. “I always wanted to spin the wheel, and I got to spin the wheel four times,” Bachmeier says.

Bachmeier ended up winning all the items from the Contestant’s Row, and an extra $1,000. “Everything is delivered free of charge to your home within 90 days of the air date,” Bachmeier says.

Bachmeier wasn’t able to speak about the show until after it aired on January 26. “All I could say was that I had a great time and highly recommended that they tune in and watch it,” she says. “It was so hard.”