Royal Nutrition Offers Healthy Drinks and Snacks, Fitness Classes and More

Mahtomedi’s Royal Nutrition, owned by Clayton Smith and Kat Chirhart, opened last August, and they are putting fun into nutrition and fitness.

A big part of the club’s emphasis is on what we put into our bodies. “Health is 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent fitness and 100 percent mindset,” Chirhart says.

Chirhart and Smith believe in the health process they have created, as they found success in their methods. “We’ve both been affected by a change in lifestyle. I lost 135 pounds with our products and coaches, and Clayton has lost over 40 pounds,” Chirhart says. “I am able to be an active and healthy mom to my 7-year-old son.”

The shake bar offers over 60 different flavors, with many flavors that wouldn’t make you think “healthy.”

“Our most popular shakes are Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers and Wedding Cake,” Chirhart says. Not only do they offer shakes, but also some high vitamin teas, most popularly, the Royal Tea blend.

“It provides natural energy, with no crash. Plus, it’s high in vitamin B,” Chirhart says.

Royal Nutrition also offers fitness classes and other resources to help supplement a nutritious lifestyle. They offer cardio drumming, dance fitness, kickboxing and a yoga-Pilates fusion class. They even hold fitness classes designed for children. They also provide healthy snack demos and nutritional classes because they want to emphasize “the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle,” Chirhart says.