On the surface, the idea of racing a boat across frozen waters at up to 60 miles per hour in subzero temperatures sounds crazy. Dig a little deeper . . . and it still sounds pretty crazy.

When Arthur (Art) Jacobson and his wife, Dickey, bought the 25-acre orchard on the shore of Pine Tree Lake in 1958, they had visions of creating a family business and living on the land that is as bountiful as it is beautiful.

Since the advent of modern architecture, the nation’s cityscapes have been losing their chimneys. Sadly, that means chimney swifts—a species of small North American birds—are also decreasing in number. However, Mahtomedi High School’s chimney, home to hundreds of the birds, is staying put.

Hot diggity-dog, it’s the dog days of summer. It’s time to grab your pup and head to the Otter Lake off-leash dog park, where your canine companions can chase, run, jump and fetch on 10 acres of grass and trails.

Boat racing on White Bear Lake might sound intense and nerve-racking. Knowing how to hoist the sails, turning the boat to port or starboard side and not crashing into the other racers is a lot to handle.

School’s out and warm weather is upon us, which means White Bear Lake’s two largest festivals, Manitou Days and Marketfest, are right around the corner.

It can be hard to see the signs of the natural world beyond the foreboding snowdrifts and bare tree limbs.

There’s a chill in the air, so we turned to our friends at Letourneau Landscaping to get four tips on how to prepare your lawn so it will be green and lush after waking up from the winter slumber.

Craig and Gloria Drake don full beekeeping gear to handle the mesh frames where their bees deposit the honey.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the vanishing honeybees. And rightly so, as honeybees are crucial to the survival of countless crops, including carrots, cucumbers, onions and almonds. Without pollinators, these and other foods would disappear.

Brian Fowler

For aspiring anglers, there is no Fishing University. Learning to catch fish is an experiential skill, requiring countless hours on the water gaining an understanding of weather patterns, schooling tendencies, eating habits and a myriad of other variables.