Lens on the Lake: Moonlight Masterpiece

Ethereal photo garners honorable mention in the Nature and Wildlife category.

Partial solar eclipses are rare. But the mother of all eclipses, a total eclipse of the sun, and one that can be witnessed by the whole of the United States, well, that’s downright historic. And amateur photographer, Chris Kieger, wanted to capture the beauty and history of what some deemed, “The Great American Eclipse.”

Kieger, who brought his Canon 7D camera and tripod to work, captured his award-winning photo, Hiding Behind the Clouds and the Moon, on his lunch break. “The timing barely worked out because shortly after the picture was taken, the clouds really rolled in,” says Kieger. “A couple coworkers thought it was cool.”

We do, too, Chris. We do, too!

(An incorrect write-up of this story was printed in the February issue of White Bear Lake Magazine. The editorial staff regrets the error.)