Lens on the Lake: A Moment

A look at second-place winner in the People & Families category of Lens on the Lake.
Fourth of July Fun in White Bear Lake Second Place, People & Families

Looking at Fourth of July Fun in White Bear Lake, there is no shortage of happiness on the faces of Sami Herrick and her laughing son. This is exactly what photographer Jean Auger, Herrick’s mother, wanted to focus on.

“I wanted to capture the joy of the day and the people,” Auger says. “We were having a happy, family-oriented day. The Fourth is a big deal in White Bear Lake, and it’s a holiday that people around here come home for.”
Capturing that moment of pure joy is one of Auger’s favorite things about photography, something she has been doing for most of her life. “You want to capture that moment,” Auger says. “Each moment is different than the one before it.”