Kristi Gess Helps Others Get in Shape with Orangetheory Fitness

Kristi Gess, a White Bear Lake native, started at Orangetheory Fitness four years ago after an old high school friend reached out to her on Facebook about a head coach position. She was instantly hooked when she found out more. “I went and checked it out and I was, like, “Oh, my God, this concept is amazing,” Gess says. Gess works full-time as head coach at the new Maplewood studio.
The concept of Orangetheory Fitness is described by Gess as “interval-based heart-rate training,” is done is small groups, and touts 36 hours of extra calorie burn. “Everyone is wearing a heart-rate monitor, and you’re getting real-time feedback and results.”

Gess loves seeing people succeed. “I just love those moments where I encourage someone to either run a little faster or lift a little heavier,” Gess says. “I love getting people to do things they don’t think they’re capable of.”