November 2016 White Bear Lake Magazine

A midday cyclone left its mark on buildings and people alike.
Mushrooms and truffles shine in these White Bear Lake-area dishes.
The Secondhand Stiletto offers furniture, clothing, home décor and more.
Contractor couple channels their passion for boating into nautical-inspired cottage.
John Henry clothier offers modern classic style and top-notch customer service.
Kowalski’s and WBAEFS team up to put turkeys on the table.
Dr. Stephen Jaksa has been perfecting glorious grins for over 35 years, while keeping his practice fresh and up-to-date.
An amazing shot captures an unusual bird on a tranquil lake.
Enchanted Boutique offers classes, crystals and more.
GoPro-wearing canine offers a dog’s-eye view of the world.
New business offers unique home-staging technology.
Counselor opens Space for Healing Counseling to help couples and families.