February 2015

In the February issue of White Bear Lake Magazine you'll meet MN Wild player Ryan Carter, find how to mix the old and the new with the help of a vintage fashion expert, and tempt your sweet tooth with a peek at baker Cheri Kane's sweet treats.

It was food, fun and friendship at the Indulge in Goodthings style show,
which was held at Manitou Station and followed by desserts and drinks
at the new Goodthings shop.


As winter wears on (and on and on), fresh vitamins seem scarce. So we turn to citrus. At the peak of its season, citrus is sort of an edible facsimile of sunshine.


As Valentine’s Day nears, thoughts turn to treats and sweets for our loved ones. Nearly a century ago, local cupids may have sought some of those items at the Park Sweet Shop.


It can be hard to see the signs of the natural world beyond the foreboding snowdrifts and bare tree limbs.


Baking is often thought of as a way to keep family traditions alive, and Cheri Kane’s Sweet Chericakes and Confections is another testament to that truth. “Both my grandma and my mom, they were bakers,” Kane says.


Beth Messerly has always loved vintage items—the colors, patterns and textiles that tell a visual story of each decade. “I think my parents were always collecting really cool things, so that gave an appreciation for things that were older,” says Messerly.


Shhh …Libraries were once a haven of silence, a place to quietly dive into volumes of fact or fiction. Coughs were suppressed. Giggles stifled. Chatter discouraged. Thankfully, those days are long filed away, along with most card catalogues and microfiche.


The little ones who are out sliding on icy ponds and flooded backyards may imagine the bright lights of a professional ice arena.


Teenagers are fiddlers—fiddling with their phones, music devices, hand-held games, you name it. But three White Bear Lake 13-year-olds are keeping their hands busy to help others stay warm during winter’s bitter temperatures.


The story of Your Mom’s Basement begins with two Perkins employees working the evening shift. Dan Pettit and Douglas Porter noticed kids would order food, sit in the old smoking section and play card games until late at night.


Lisa Swan and Sherry Walker combine fashion and philanthropy in a big way.


After nearly 27 years, Joey Halbach is saying goodbye to the Washington County library system. Retiring from her position as the public relations librarian, she looks back fondly on her time spent helping the patrons of our local libraries.


Just in time for its 125th anniversary, the White Bear Yacht Club has won the Platinum Club of America award for the second time.


Frost can seem almost enchanting in the way it transforms our world overnight. This magic was what Karen Dahl was searching for one overcast morning when she grabbed her Nikon D80 and set out for the bridge to Manitou Island.


You may have noticed a warm new glow along Whitaker Street in the space formerly occupied by Roadside Pizza.