GoodKids Shares Fun Gift Ideas for Children This Holiday Season

GoodKids expanded from GoodThings in May of 2016 and has been supplying the White Bear Lake area with fun items ever since. “We’re [everything] baby, toys, games,” manager Megan Walsh says. “We have something for everyone here.” GoodKids may have “kids” in the name, but the store doesn’t carry stuff for just children—there’s lots of stuff adults can enjoy as well. “We have lots of family games for everyone to play,” Walsh says. “We have a great selection of baby stuff; some people call us ‘grandma’s store.’ [And] we have baby accessories and gear that mom would want to have.”

Walsh gave us some nifty gift ideas from GoodKids the kids in your life may enjoy—but only if they’re on the “nice” list.

1. Thumb Chucks $11.95

If you have a kid who loves fidget spinners, Thumb Chucks—a skill toy that consists of two, rubber light-up balls connected by a thick ribbon—may be something to look into. “There are really cool YouTube videos of people doing incredible [tricks],” Walsh says. Created by Zing, the toys come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green and orange.

2. Tumblstix $9.95
Made by the same company as Thumb Chucks, Tumblstix is another fidget toy and can improve your child’s focus and hand-eye coordination. “These are really simple handheld toys that kids are going to go crazy for,” Walsh says.

3. Color Changing Floof $16.95
Color Changing Floof, one of GoodKids’ best-selling items, is a squishable compound that allows your child to express their creative side. It’s easy to mold and changes colors as you use it. “It’s really, really cool,” Walsh says. “It’s like a cloud and a marshmallow mixed together.”

4. Flying Kiwis $19.95
If you’re looking for an entertaining game to play with the whole family, Flying Kiwis is a great contender. During Flying Kiwis, you launch tokens off a ramp and onto a game board, trying to get four in a row. “It’s a fast-paced and hilarious game because everyone is kind of shooting at the same time, " Walsh says.

5. Plus-Plus $7.95

Similar to Legos, Plus-Plus is a construction toy using pieces to build what you want, both two- and three-dimensional objects. Plus-Plus has many options to pick from that form into fun objects or animals. “But the idea is that it’s totally open-ended. And [kids] can keep collecting the pieces and make whatever they want," Walsh says.

6. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty $3.95–$15.95

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is a fun putty that never dries out. It comes in a variety of different forms, including glow in the dark, heat sensitive and magnetic. “It’s something that kids can collect,” Walsh says. “It’s pretty awesome.”