teen looking at college applications

Planning for college can be an exciting time for families. Touring your dream school, shopping for your dorm and filling out applications are all milestones in your college preparation process.

Shhh …Libraries were once a haven of silence, a place to quietly dive into volumes of fact or fiction. Coughs were suppressed. Giggles stifled. Chatter discouraged. Thankfully, those days are long filed away, along with most card catalogues and microfiche.

Mitchell LeGrand faced two options that would ultimately change his life: He would attend college in the fall of 2014 or backpack his way through Europe.

The movement to establish a library in White Bear Lake began with a series of reading rooms operating out of private homes in the 1880s.

Need new books for fall? Here’s a book sale that’s cheap and easy, and you may just find a gem. Since 1991, Wildwood Branch Library has been hosting an annual book sale offering nonfiction, popular fiction, classics, DVDs and CDs that have been donated or withdrawn from the library collection.

A great book doesn’t come around every day. So when a literary gem does surface, it’s even better when shared with like-minded people. For bookworms in Mahtomedi and the surrounding area, an annual community reading event offers the perfect opportunity to congregate.

Earlier this year, the eco-friendly Garden of Hope Montessori school in White Bear Lake, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this month, won the Tap Water Poster Contest, sponsored by the nonprofit H20 for Life.

Attention teachers: It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Thanks to the Central Bean coffee cart, Central Middle School’s coffee is being served up hot, fresh and, true to their motto, with a smile.

High school goes by in a snap, but it’s a defining moment and milestone for most of us.

To expand their outdoor learning areas, the White Bear Montessori School has
added a rain garden to the campus. The school, which serves students from

Whether you’re an artist, engineer, or just interested in cool gadgets, now you can tinker with 3D printers, vinyl cutters and the ShopBot—a machine that can cut, carve or drill metal or wood-- at Mahtomedi High School’s FABLab.