Dining Out

Zen Asia

The North Star State, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the Gopher State, the Bread-and-Butter State—though Minnesota has numerous trademarks, its culinary scene is also unlike any other.

White Bear Lake has been enjoying JJ’s Bierstube since it opened in 1999, but this restaurant has a history going back more than 50 years.

Legend has it that some dude named Sandwich (the Earl of Sandwich? Count Sandwich?) was the first to get the idea of stuffing tasty tidbits between slices of bread.

Last year’s inaugural Taste of White Bear Lake was a huge success, bringing more than 500 people to Pine Tree Apple Orchard to nosh on some of the area’s best culinary creations. And this year promises to be no different, featuring 25 local food vendors.

When you think Minnesota, you probably think comfort food—Tater Tot casserole or mom’s creamy homemade mac and cheese. But in addition to those Midwestern classics, White Bear Lake boasts an array of Asian-inspired cuisine that will rival any of your crockpot creations.

There are more than 32,000 species of fish on the planet, which makes fish the most diverse of all the vertebrates. They have wriggled their way onto our plates and into our culture. There are fish gods, fish religious symbols, zodiac fish, and, many a fish book, film and artwork.