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This spring will mark the fifth year that Willow Lane Elementary School fifth-graders will don chef pants and courteous smiles in preparation to take over Donatelli’s restaurant in White Bear Lake.

It’s almost time for the Wildwood Lions Club’s 30th annual Sportsmen’s Dinner, which raises money for Lions Club charities, including local Boy and Girl Scout troops.

Sure, bike riding and walking are good for the body, but have you ever thought about how those activities can benefit an entire community?

Looking for things to take pictures of after school one day, Max Mueller, now a freshman in college with plans to study meteorology, noticed his dog, Lucy, as she walked around the room, her nails clickety-clacking on the wood floor. Then, before he knew it, the perfect photo opportunity arose.

Maria Marzitelli's love for her son Patrick helped her pen three books.

Scarred by tragedy, Maria Marzitelli sat down in 2010 to pen a book about her 17-year-old son Patrick, who had passed away as the result of accidental aviation fuel inhalation while working at the Anoka County–Blaine airport.

Abigail Lennox and the Beggar Boys brought their unique sound and holiday spirit to St. John in the Wilderness Episcopal Church on December 7 and 8. All photos by Todd Wildenauer.

Lace up your sneakers and bust out your windbreaker: it’s time for the annual Sweetheart Runs, an outdoor racing event that inspires people to get outside and run in even the chilliest weather.

Your child’s private school education is a valuable investment, but with many private school options in the area, it can be a tad overwhelming on which one to choose. So we’ve done the groundwork and put together a quick guide on some of the local schools to consider.

We often hear stories of those fleeting marriages that last a few years, or in a rather well publicized case, 63 days. But what of the couples who made their commitments and stuck to them? Meet three couples that have each been married more than 60 years.

As a published poet, Kathy Blegen-Huntley has plenty of experience writing verses for loved ones. Here, she shares some tips for writing a romantic Valentine’s Day poem like a pro: