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A feature story on homes usually involves a big home or elaborate remodel, because, let’s face it, we live in a culture where “bigger is better.” But there’s a growing movement that has people re-evaluating the idea of the American dream, and local expert Jim Wilkins is making dreams of an energy

A great book doesn’t come around every day. So when a literary gem does surface, it’s even better when shared with like-minded people. For bookworms in Mahtomedi and the surrounding area, an annual community reading event offers the perfect opportunity to congregate.

Once the blizzards and cold weather hit, food shelves and charities will face their highest demand. You can lend a hand this fall by attending the Silver Harmony Singers’ 18th annual benefit for the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf, where the group will be singing songs from the past.

Earlier this year, the eco-friendly Garden of Hope Montessori school in White Bear Lake, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this month, won the Tap Water Poster Contest, sponsored by the nonprofit H20 for Life.

To most artists, the ability to create is as automatic as breathing, as second nature as eating and sleeping.

Attention teachers: It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Thanks to the Central Bean coffee cart, Central Middle School’s coffee is being served up hot, fresh and, true to their motto, with a smile.

Since his days as a trombone player in the school band in the Quad Cities, Iowa during the 1990s, White Bear Lake resident Benjamin Klemme has gone on to become the music director for the Santa Fe Youth Symphony, a conductor for the University of Minnesota’s campus orchestra, and currently serves

Lace up your running shoes and take in the fall foliage at the annual Trees and Trails 5K through the picturesque Katherine Abbot Park. The race will be held on September 20, and will begin at 9 a.m.

For most people, moats are the things of fairy tales or medieval times long, long ago. Filled with crocodiles and accessible only by drawbridge, they surround grand castles and protect the kings and queens that live within. But that’s just for most people.

High school goes by in a snap, but it’s a defining moment and milestone for most of us.