From Bowl to Soul

by | Jan 2022

Allie Billeadeau, Annie Harwell and Maria Bentson of Minneoats

Photos: Minneoats

Minneoats crafts specialty oatmeal bowls and granola.

When people think of oatmeal, they might typically imagine a bland, brown bowl of mush. But this hearty mixture doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Slow roasted to perfection and topped with a variety of natural toppings, White Bear Lake specialty oatmeal bowl and granola business Minneoats takes this basic breakfast bowl from drab to fab.

As former roommates and best friends, Allie Billeadeau, Annie Harwell and Maria Bentson bonded over their passion for faith, food and fun recipes. Starting a majority of their mornings with a bowl of fresh oats, this breakfast item soon became a staple in their University of Minnesota apartment. Fusing food fads with their personal palate preferences, they began to experiment with their own unique variations of oatmeal using many of the flavors that nature has to offer. Sourcing the bowls from wholesome, nutritious elements (fresh and dried fruit, nuts, organic spreads and yogurts) and natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar), they were able to create a variety of show-stopping concoctions.

Onto something delicious, the women soon realized that they could take this hobby even further. Opening up shop in their apartment kitchen in December of 2017, they began to regularly serve warm oats to friends and family. “We love bringing people to the table, and we love bringing people into the community and connecting with one another,” Harwell says. “Oatmeal has been one of the ways that we can do that.”


Upon graduating and moving out of the apartment where it all started, the owners transplanted the operations to the White Bear Lake commercial kitchen of Stonehouse Catering. Working out of a larger space, they have the ability to produce higher quantities for their monthly drive-thru events, for catering clients and to prepackage granola for local markets and coffee shops.

With a desire to continue to serve others, Minneoats hopes to expand its menu and eventually open up an oatmeal café in the Twin Cities. “Seeing the work, time and dedication that has gone into Minneoats growth is so fun, and it’s so evident that this is a gift we’ve been given,” Harwell says.

Though they have paved a new way for oats, Harwell says they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on the development and innovation with their menu offerings. “We want to continue building relationships and offer different products and flavors.”

Monthly Drive-Thru

Once a month, Minneoats hosts a drive-thru event outside of its commercial kitchen where customers can come purchase warm oat bowls. Using an order form through the website, individuals can schedule their time for pick-up and preorder goods from a selection of five different oatmeal bowls, prepackaged granola, hot coffee, cold brew, a mixed berry parfait and one-of-a-kind Minneoats merchandise (mugs, stickers and canvas bags). To be notified of drive-thru dates and pop up events, sign up for the Minneoats Monthly email newsletter on the website.

Hot and Fresh

Though Minneoats uses common flavors and simple ingredients, it’s the way the ingredients are combined that makes it so special. Playing with classic flavor combinations, such as banana and nut butter or cinnamon apple, it’s able to stay true to popular combos consumers want while adding unique twists.

Signature Bowls

As the original flavors that started the brand, the signature bowls represent what Minneoats is all about. Using slow-cooked oats as the base for each bowl (signature and specialty bowls), every flavor is also topped with homemade granola, lightly sweetened with coconut sugar and cinnamon-infused maple syrup.

This Bowl is Bananas

The bowl that started it all, this consists of sliced banana, organic lightly-salted peanut butter and maple almond granola.

Oh Hot Jammm

As a tribute to PB&J sandwiches, this bowl features a homemade triple berry compote, bananas, a dollop of Greek yogurt, maple almond granola and an organic peanut butter drizzle.


A hot take on warm apple pie and an ode to Minneapolis, this bowl combines the sweet taste of sauteed cinnamon apples with honey maple Greek yogurt, maple almond granola and a vegan caramel drizzle.


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