A Paddle Around Manitou Island Makes for Moody Photograph

by | Jul 2019

Two people paddle kayaks on White Bear Lake near the Manitou Island bridge.

Photo: Stephanie Herington

Local photographer captures iconic Manitou Island bridge.

Stephanie Herington’s A Summer Paddle is our pick for this issue’s Last Glance. The photo took second place in our 2018 Lens on the Lake photo contest in the People & Families category.

Herington writes, “It was late June. We had just moved into our new (old) house on Second Street after much renovation, and were excited to enjoy the lake. I took my oldest out for a paddle from the marina, around Manitou and back. We loved the marsh that day near the bridge to Manitou Island as it was filled with birds, a few muskrats and water clear enough to see turtles. The lake had been windy, but at this spot the breezes calmed down and the water was like silk. Between the reflections, moody clouds and iconic bridge, I knew I had to get a photo of my daughter gliding along.”


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