Naturally Well White Bear Wellness Collective is ‘Self-Care Central’

by | Nov 2020

Naturally Well White Bear Wellness Collective practice owners Lauren Robbins, Amber Moravec, Amber Hanson, Patty Nelson

At left, practice owners within the collective: Lauren Robbins, Amber Moravec, Amber Hanson, Patty Nelson. Not pictured: Kate Hogan, Twin Cities Midwifery. Photo: Annie Wiegers Photography

Naturally Well White Bear Wellness Collective helps you take charge of your health.

With each new advancement in medicine, it can often seem overwhelming to address all of your healthcare needs. Further, many traditional doctor’s visits may not cover your holistic health. Naturally Well White Bear Wellness Collective was formed to address this disparity, catering especially to growing families.

“Naturally Well White Bear Wellness Collective is a collaboration among health and wellness providers serving families in the Northeast metro from a holistic health perspective,” says Lauren Robbins, MS, LPCC, LADC, PMH-C, clinical director of Wild Tree Psychotherapy, one of the member businesses within Naturally Well, and founding member of the group. “Think of Naturally Well as your self-care central.”

Formed in June of 2019, Naturally Well offers many different services, including mental health therapy, chiropractic care, functional nutrition, health coaching and midwifery care, and as of this fall, occupational and craniosacral therapies. These services will be expanded as community recovery from COVID-19 allows for more physical contact (think yoga, acupuncture, massage and lactation support services).

Naturally Well wants you to know that self-care isn’t selfish. “People often think of self-care as self-indulgent. They imagine many hours and hundreds of dollars spent at the spa. Self-care doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money,” Robbins says. “Your health matters, your relationships matter, your habits matter—and have a direct impact on your experience of joy and fulfillment in life. You matter.”

Self-Care Tips
  • Take time to notice what feels good.
  • Pay attention to your five senses; the information you receive will help to inform the deliberate choices you can make to bring contentment and calm to your daily experience.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Find a way to budget time and money for activities, services and care that “fills your cup.”
  • Plan meaningful experiences.
  • Block out time in your calendar for experiences you enjoy. Maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s reading a good book, or just a cup of coffee in silence; no matter what it is, hold yourself accountable to make time for it.
  • Set boundaries.
  • Say no to invitations or requests when you don’t want to go/don’t want to do it; don’t commit simply because you feel obligated.

Naturally Well White Bear Wellness Collective
2025 Fourth St. Suite 100
White Bear Lake
Facebook: Naturally Well WBL
Instagram: @wblnaturallywell


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