Club Pilates is a Fitting Addition to White Bear Lake

New fitness center and boutique, Club Pilates, opens in White Bear Lake.

The new year brings a new opportunity for fitness and getting in shape. Club Pilates, a recently opened boutique and fitness studio franchise in White Bear Lake, is the place to help you do just that.

General manager Kristin Montpetit says Club Pilates’ success as a franchise is due to the notion that anybody can do Pilates. “There really is a need for it,” she says. “You get a full-body workout in a low impact manner, which means Pilates is for everybody.”

Montpetit’s interest in Pilates began with her desire to become a better runner. She says she knows a couple of runners who swear by it, including those who have knee issues. Her mantra was Pilates would help improve her posture, which would improve her breathing, which would make her a better runner.
“You stand taller. Your posture is better. You know you’re standing the way Mother Nature intended,” Montpetit says.

The new space, which Montpetit describes as a welcoming environment that “has that new studio smell,” has 12 stations. However, the size of the studio is its best asset. “It’s small enough where you really get to know the members, and [our] offerings are large enough where we really can impact a large number of people,” she says.

Open every day, the studio offers members three different program levels and six different class formats. Classes are accessible at various times throughout the day, so everyone has the opportunity to participate.