The (Mis) Adventures of Dasher

by | May 2023

Dasher the Cav

Photo: Jac and Zel Media, LLC

Some things are just meant to be. Take the story of Sara Nintzel and Dana Jacobs. When Nintzel moved into Jacobs’ North Oaks neighborhood in 2017 with her husband and beloved Instagram-famous cavalier King Charles spaniel, Dasher, the women immediately bonded over a shared dream of publishing a children’s book.

With their friendship forged, Jacobs penned The (Mis) Adventures of Dasher, a tale about the mischievous pup, inspired by her granddaughter, Maggie, who once broke an item and was scared to tell Jacobs. In the story, Dasher’s favorite red ball gets him in trouble after he breaks a vase. But the pup soon learns truths about unconditional love.

Once Jacobs finished writing in 2018, Nintzel started to illustrate the story with watercolor paintings that were later digitized. Jacobs and Nintzel opted to self-publish in 2020, forming Jac and Zel Media, LLC, and great feedback on their first book at local book signings and readings, as well as fundraisers. With a target audience of newborns through second graders, the women anticipated marketing the book to parents but were surprised to find it most popular with grandmothers, as a gift to their grandchildren. “This message of unconditional love particularly resonates with grandmothers,” Jacobs says.

The (Mis) Adventures of Dasher is currently available in Lake Country Booksellers. Going forward, Jacobs and Nintzel hope to continue doing events and ultimately get Dasher’s debut book into more libraries and independent bookstores. They also hope to continue writing stories about Dasher’s (mis)adventures and the important lessons learned as a result.

Jac and Zel Media, LLC
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