The Sun Glows Over White Bear Lake in This Lens on the Lake Photo

by | Sep 2020

The sun glows over White Bear Lake.

Photo: Stephanie Herington

Stephanie Herington captures a fleeting sunset moment on White Bear Lake in this Lens on the Lake submission.

The evening of June 18, 2019 was a long time coming for Stephanie Herington. The previous summer, her plans to rent a boat with her friends were interrupted by a strong thunderstorm. After a year-long wait, they were finally able to have their evening on the lake together. Upon seeing the sun catch perfectly through the trees, Herington whipped out her iPhone to snap this picture. “I took that picture because the late sun glow was lovely off the water and clouds and silhouetted the trees nicely,” says Herington.

Capturing the setting sun as it filters through the trees, painting the waves below, it’s no surprise that Herington’s photo won second place in the Wildlife & Nature category of the Lens on the Lake photo contest. She had to move quickly to get the shot, as the moment she captured didn’t last long.

“The lighting only lasted a few minutes,” Herington says. “So I felt lucky to be in such a lovely spot to grab the snap!”

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