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by | Jan 2022

Benny’s Barbershop

Photos: Chris Emeott

Historic shop gives great cuts.

Benny’s Barbershop has been a staple in downtown White Bear Lake since 1936, making it one of the oldest businesses in town and the only shop of its kind remaining from that era.  The business was founded by barber Benny Schmalzbaue, and the current owners, Earl and Tania Poyerd, have carried on the tradition of clean cuts with minimal chit chat.

Benny’s Barbershop

In honor of Schmalzbaue and barbers everywhere, the shop has what is claimed to be the world’s largest rooftop barber pole mural. (Can you prove them wrong?) Prices range from $15 for a beard trim to $28 for “Benny’s Buff and Shine (to the wood),” with senior cuts (65+) ringing up at $22.  

Benny’s Barbershop
4758 Washington Square; 651.426.1082
Facebook: Benny’s Barber Shop


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