Ice Spheres, Shrubs and Wine: 3 Spring Drink Picks

by | May 2019

Bottles of shrubs from Twisted Shrubs and Sharab’s Shrubs

Photo: Graham Luterbach

Our editor picks three recent obsessions in the world of spirits.

Warm evenings call for a lovely wine to enjoy on the patio. Try Jacqueline Leonne Rose, a slightly flinty sparkling wine from New Mexico with notes of red berries. This wine is just the right level of dry. It’s a delightful pick that you’ll want to share with your favorite guests.

It’s the little things—our recent obsession is the ice sphere, ice in the round instead of cubes. BPA-free silicone molds make for ice that make your cocktails taste even better. Available at Target.

For perfect non-alcoholic refreshment, both Elevated and Cotroneo’s have a selection of shrubs—a beverage popular in colonial times that’s trending. Also known as drinking vinegars, shrubs are fruit-based, and can be mixed with soda water as well as with spirits to create a fresh-tasting beverage that suits the weather. Sharab’s Shrubs is a locally made brand, available in Asian pear ginger cinnamon, apple rosemary and strawberry.


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