Feel Good from Within This Winter with These Naturpoathic Tips

Tamara Darragh of Studio Within explains naturopathic medicine and offers tips to stay healthy through the winter.

Everyone deserves to feel well. Whether you’re suffering through a minor cold or a chronic illness, many different modalities of care are available. Tamara Darragh ND, DC, owner of Studio Within, helps people every day to find a way to feel well, understand and improve their health by using naturopathic medicine.

What is naturopathic medicine? Darragh explains it as a unique way to encourage an individual’s inherent self-healing process by using therapeutic methods and natural substances. Darragh works to discover the root of what is causing the symptoms and finds an individualized approach that fits through treatments like nutritional and lifestyle counseling, targeted nutritional supplements, botanical medicines and more. The goal is to remove the cause of illness, rather than just suppress the symptoms. Darragh also focuses heavily on prevention by looking at risk factors, heredity and susceptibility to disease.

Darragh has been working as a naturopath in some capacity since 2010, and in June 2014, she opened Studio Within. She earned her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National University of Health Sciences. Darragh always knew she wanted to be a doctor, and naturopathy seemed like the right fit for her. “I really had a desire to care for people in a way that felt whole and engaging and uniquely personalized to the individual,” Darragh says. “I wanted to understand how to search for and treat the root causes of illness, to prevent disease, to promote health and connect the dots between our ever-complicated lives and how we feel.”

Darragh, who had been working as an instructor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the National University of Health Sciences for two years, opened Studio Within because she missed the interaction with patients. “I wanted the freedom to have extended visits, create real partnerships with patients and offer care in a way that was in alignment with my personal practice philosophy,” Darragh explains. Studio Within focuses on family medicine, offering services including preconception health promotion and natural fertility support. Darragh also offers help with thyroid diseases like Hashimoto’s and digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Darragh explains naturopathic doctors are similar to primary care doctors—you can visit them for colds, fatigue or many other acute or chronic illnesses. “Just like in conventional primary care offices, naturopathic doctors make referrals to specialists when further diagnostics or expert care is needed,” Darragh says. “We often work in combination with other providers, both conventional and integrative.”

It is clear that Darragh wants to make a lasting connection with her patients and is passionate about solving patient’s health problems and fixing what ails them. “I wanted my training and practice to encompass a deeper understanding of human suffering as it related to the whole person and the profound connection we have to nature and each other,” she says.

Darragh tips on preparing for the winter months.

Mediterranean-style diet: Rich in anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables like berries and mushrooms. Eliminates processed and packaged foods and sugary beverages.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of clean and filtered water.

Manage Stress: Do more stuff you love with the people you love. Take up yoga or meditation. Treat yourself to relaxing rituals like hot baths, tea or a good book.

Moderate exercise: Just 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week will help you feel energized.

Wash your hands: It seems simple enough, but by washing your hands with warm water and soap, you stop the germs from spreading. Be especially careful when touching your face.