Day at the Beach (Memorial Beach in Winter)

by | Nov 2021

Day at the Beach (Memorial Beach in Winter)

Photo: Lauren Meyer

Get to know a winner in our annual photo contest.

On a sunny winter day, Lauren Meyer, who placed first in our 2020 Lens on the Lake Photo Contest, snapped her winning photo. We spoke with Meyer about Day at the Beach (Memorial Beach in Winter), to find out what inspired her to get this shot.

Where was the photo taken? Memorial Beach on White Bear Lake

What inspired the shot? The weather conditions were perfect to make this portion of the lake smooth and clear. It was a wonderful day to skate! I’m always mesmerized by the cracks in the ice and being able to see the rocky bottom (It also terrifies me!), so I had to snap a shot of the moment. 

What’s your favorite thing about this image? I love all the skate lines and cracks in the ice.

What type of camera do you use? I typically use a Nikon D5600 but didn’t trust myself with it on skates, so this was taken on an old school iPhone 6.

Do you typically take photos like this, or is this out of the norm for you? I love nature photography, it’s something I’m working on improving! 

What prompted you to submit your photo to White Bear Lake Magazine? A friend of mine knew I enjoyed taking pictures around White Bear Lake and told me I should submit one of my photos. 


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