Chiropractic Care for the Family in White Bear Lake

Jen Goldsmith became a chiropractor after discovering relief from back pain in high school. “I was amazed at what chiropractors were able to do with just their hands,” Goldsmith says. “It was cool for me to see what was out there besides drugs and medicine since I came from a medical-family background.”

Providing more than just pain relief, Goldsmith credits chiropractic care with building up her immune system, reducing symptoms from asthma and ending her allergy symptoms.

Fast-forward to this past January, when Goldsmith opened Lux Family Chiropractic, a family wellness practice helping kids and adults. “To me, health isn’t just a matter of how you feel but a matter of how you’re functioning,” Goldsmith says. Often she’ll see people come in for one concern and leave realizing another one was solved.

“I think it’s beautiful when people come in with something they’ve been dealing with their whole lives,” says Goldsmith.

“What makes me different is that I’m going to actually fix the problem, so we’re dealing with the root cause, not the pain-based cause,” says Goldsmith. “I want to make sure the body is functioning fully.”

Many worry about popping and cracking sounds often associated with chiropractic care, but Goldsmith says her approach is gentle, with as much pressure as one would put on a ripe tomato. Her youngest client was 48 hours old.

“A lot of people have tried the pure medical route. I am a true second opinion and not just another reiteration,” Goldsmith says. “The body was created to heal itself. We honor that truth and get people’s bodies healing from the inside out. We’re removing interference.”

Part of that process includes computerized scans to show how well the nervous system is functioning, giving Goldsmith a comprehensive look at the body. Many problems start at an early age, another reason Goldsmith wanted to start a family practice.

“We see a lot of kids because a lot of the issues we see in adults, we see in kids, too," says Goldsmith. “Now parents are making sure their children are growing up healthier than they are.”

Goldsmith also sees pregnant women, thanks to obtaining Webster certification, specialized training that focuses on  helping with alignment for an easier delivery and better sleep.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate, Goldsmith went on to pursue a degree from Northwestern Health Sciences.  Goldsmith then came to White Bear Lake to open Lux Family Chiropractic because it felt like the right fit in the right community. “It felt like a place where I wanted to raise my family,” says Goldsmith.

Since starting on the journey—what Goldsmith now calls a chiropractic lifestyle—she’s started a natural living blog. Writing about topics like organic eating, natural deodorant and wool dryer balls, Goldsmith never stops educating, inside the office or out.