What Do Dogs Daydream About?

by | Mar 2019

A dog daydreams in 2018 Lens on the Lake photo "Dreamer"

Photo: Kora Dullea

“Dreamer” is our pick for this month’s Last Glance. “Dreamer” took third place in our 2018 Lens on the Lake photo contest.

Photographer Kora Dullea writes, “Our dog, Mea, often dreamed. She would run in her sleep, bark in sleep, and howl in her sleep. Since she was a puppy, you could always tell she was thinking about something.

This picture, among many more that I have captured over the years, is what I imagine it’s like for a dog to daydream. She was propped up in the window, balancing herself on the couch, staring out into the field across from my parents’ house in White Bear Lake, likely waiting for us to call her name so she could run and chase the oh-so-infamous lime-green tennis ball. In this moment though, her leg was propped up in the window sill–I think it was her way of telling us that we were actually the ones day dreaming about her running outside, not the other way around.”


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