Tamarack Nature Center Offers Educational Activities for All Ages

by | Jul 2020

Children walk in the water at Tamarack Nature Center.

Photo: Tamarack Nature Center

Tamarack Nature Center offers activities for all ages to learn more about the environment we live in.

Broaden your understanding and experience with nature by visiting Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Township. The nature center offers a multitude of activities for all ages to participate in, including fee-based programs, free programs and group/organized group programs.

The fee-based programs include Second Friday Homeschool, where they offer homeschool students two-hour courses on topics such as science, social studies, art and recreation, and Frogs & Polliwogs, where a story time will be followed by an outdoor excursion and activities that relate to the story.

The free programs include discovery walks, drop-in discovery stations, meet the gardener, dragonfly monitor training and Tamarack Nature Center Photography Club. And the group programs entail summer field trips and outreach programs, as well as school-year environmental education programs.

Outside of the structured programs, Tamarack Nature Center provides trails to wander, a garden, and their Discovery Hollow Nature Play Area. This fun-filled spot offers materials to build a tree fort, climb the cliffs, make a dam and learn how water flows, and a whole lot more.

(Note: Head to ramseycounty.us to see which of the Tamarack Nature Center programs are available.)

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