Start Small With These Healthy Ideas for 2023

by | Jan 2023

Winter Fitness

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“Think big, start small and be specific.”

It is a new year, and many readers aim to improve their nutrition, get back into the gym and be healthier starting in 2023. At BearFitness we like to say, “Think big, start small and be specific.” What does this mean? Getting healthy is a great goal, but it’s not measurable and can sound overwhelming. Instead, try to begin with a small goal, such as drinking 80 oz. of water per day. Once you feel comfortable with that, move to the next goal, such as incorporating 1 cup of vegetables per day into your meals. The same applies if you want to work out more—start simple. An example could be going on two 1-mile walks per week, and maybe your next goal is participating in two group fitness classes per week. We recommend scheduling time in a calendar to work out and putting goals somewhere you can check them off. Small wins will keep you motivated and feeling accomplished.

Jake Wandersee is the owner of BearFitness, a White Bear Lake fitness center offering results-focused training and CrossFit coaching. Learn more at


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