The Olive Branch Oil & Spice Co. Lets You Kick It Up a Notch

In the Know: The fused olive oils are made by crushing fruits and spices with olives; infused oils are complex, with flavors added to the olive oil.

The Olive Branch Oil & Spice Co. in downtown White Bear Lake, offers a treasure trove of oils, spices and seasonings perfect for any dish. With balsamic variations, various types of olive oil and more than 200 spices and herbs, there’s no room for bland flavors.

The company’s origins began in 2001 when couple Bruce Bushey and Janet Richards traveled to Santorini, Greece. “We wanted to bring the Greek lifestyle back home,” Bushey says. That included delicious, wholesome olive oil.

The two opened their shop in downtown White Bear Lake in 2012, and moved into an expanded space in 2015. With more than 1,700 square feet, the area gives plenty of room for the Olive Branch to promote its message of investing in quality items that are not only flavorful, but good for you.

All products are over 90 percent organic. “Our spices have no shelf-stabilizers or preservatives,” Bushey says. Their pressed, all-natural olive oils come from all over the world, depending on the season—from the southern hemisphere of Africa in the summer to the northern hemisphere of Europe in the winter—and the balsamic vinegars come from Modena, Italy. Olive Branch works with respected distributors of other countries.

Bushey and Richards, who have also opened locations in Woodbury and are a vendor for a store at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, love to share their extensive knowledge of the products and focus a lot on education. “We teach [our customers] what to do with the product,” says Richards, who holds a bachelor’s degree in family consumer science.

Some of Olive Branch’s most popular fall & winter olive oils and balsamics:
Blood orange extra-virgin olive oil (fused)
Roasted garlic extra-virgin olive oil (fused)
Bacon extra-virgin olive oil (infused)
Italian herb extra-virgin olive oil (infused)
Cinnamon pear balsamic vinegar
Pumpkin-pie spice balsamic vinegar