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by | Jul 2022

Artists Allen Christian and Mary Jane LaVigne

Photo: White Bear Lake Center for the Arts

White Bear Lake is a sea of creatives. In this artistic community, two of my favorite artists are Allen Christian and Mary Jane LaVigne. Known around town as Mr. and Mrs. Lucky, this talented couple even has their own museum, House of Balls, in Minneapolis. If you’ve seen a giant pedal bear in a parade, decorated Art Cars around town, a Roaring ’20s band on a boat with a pyramid of water skiers beside it, a pontoon bear on the lake or fireworks shooting out of metal hats, chances are, you’ve seen them in action.

Whether it’s teaching other writers and artists, giving musicians a place to play or discussing the history of White Bear Lake, the Luckys have a depth to their creativity that has a message of love and hope. Not limited to White Bear Lake, they’ve provided a respite for the homeless and make picking up garbage sound like an art form.

So, if you see a camper painted to look like a loaf of bread that says, “Wonder Why?” it’s the Luckys on the road to another adventure, to inspire and be inspired.

We are all pretty lucky to have a town filled with so many creative people like LaVigne and Christian.

Danielle Cezanne is the gallery director at White Bear Center for the Arts.


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