Checking In with Jason Medvec from Big Wood Brewery

Big Wood Brewery continues to create great brews. The business began in 2009 during the recession, when beer was brewed in a wood flooring distribution company and served to its contractors at seminars, as a way to boost spirits.

“It was a way to cheer people up during a bad time in our nation’s history,” says Jason Medvec, a business partner who joined in late 2010.

As the seminars became popular, so did the beer, leading to plans for a production brewery. In 2012, construction began on Big Wood’s current location followed by beer distributions to restaurants, bars and liquor stores. Over the years, they’ve added their Tree Chugger memberships, as well as started crowning one individual Tree Chugger of the Year, which comes with prizes, including beer for a year, and accolades. (The 2017 award went to Sharon Person.)

Big Wood Brewery has won numerous awards for both their brews and their brewery. And in an effort to make a difference, Big Wood also does charity work, including an annual golf tournament for Merrick Inc. “There’s Brew Love, a beer fest benefiting Ronald McDonald House,” Medvec says.

From brews to benefactions, Big Wood Brewery has much to be proud of.

Check out these fall beers from Big Wood Brewery
Li’l Red Riding Wood, amber ale
Oktimberfest, Oktoberfest ale
Stump Splitter, Belgian pale ale
Morning Wood, coffee stout  (Big Wood’s most awarded beer)