Aurora over the Lake

by | Jan 2024

Aurora over the Lake

Photo: Steph Herington

Local photographer captures northern lights from Matoska Park.

“In late April, there had been a lot of aurora talk, so my daughter and I had been watching the aurora activity,” says Steph Herington, a White Bear Lake nature and travel photographer. One night, the pair walked down to the lake and set up at Matoska Park near the sailboats.

Herington explains the science of the aurora colors. “It was so great to capture the greens, but the purple was a fun surprise,” Herington says. “Greens are typically interacting with oxygen in the atmosphere at an altitude of 60-150 miles, but the lesser seen purple is interacting with nitrogen that is less than 60 miles altitude.” See more of Herington’s work at and on Instagram @voyageur_nord.

Photographer: Steph Herington
Title: Aurora over the Lake
Equipment: Nikon D3400, lens at 27mm, ISO 12800, f/4.5 for 10 second
Category: Seasons
Award: Second


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