The Story Behind SweetLife Lane, White Bear Lake’s New Delectable Destination

by | Sep 2020

Various treats and candies from SweetLife Lane in White Bear Lake

Photo: Tate Carlson

It’s sugar, spice and everything nice at SweetLife Lane.

We all could use a little sweetness in our lives—especially now!

And SweetLife Lane in downtown White Bear Lake is a sugar-filled world where you are surrounded by dazzling smells and a wide variety of chocolatey, crunchy, chewy, gooey, smile-inducing treats.

Owned by Christi and Matt Schreyer, this Willy Wonka-esque shop first opened for business in May of 2019. “[We had] a belief that White Bear Lake, surrounding communities and visitors could benefit from a place where everyone is welcome to peruse, taste, relax, slow down and connect,” Matt says.

Before opening their store, the two ran a small talent acquisition business in White Bear Lake, but they felt something was missing. “We thought for a while about what kind of endeavor would be fun to work at, put a smile on people’s faces and also contribute to the community of our warm neighbors and visitors,” says Matt.

And this love for community was a driving factor for SweetLife Lane. Christi, a lifelong resident of White Bear Lake, graduated from White Bear Lake Area High School in 1991, and was even voted as the individual with the most school spirit. “[Christi] loves this community and really shares the passion that everyone is welcome,” Matt says.

In that spirit, SweetLife Lane offers candy and favors that everyone can enjoy. The nostalgic flavors bring adults back to when the biggest decision to be made was what type of candy to spend their last few cents on. Not only that, but the store caters to keto, gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan diets as well.

And the coronavirus didn’t stop Matt and Christi from sharing their sweets with the community and beyond—they quickly launched an online store and added delivery, curbside pickup and shipping. “We’re one of the few shops in White Bear that turned on a dime to make that happen,” says Christi.

Some of their bestsellers include melt-in-your-mouth chocolate from Simón Coll and Animas Chocolate Company, rich treats from Mouth Party Caramel, gourmet popcorn from HR Poppin’ Snacks and sweet favorites from Seacoast Sweets. To Matt, it’s impossible to choose his favorite. “There are too many options to have just one,” he says.

It’s clear that Matt and Christi have realized their dream of creating a community-centric candy store. “It was always a focus to be more than a candy or chocolate shop by contributing to the White Bear Lake charm and community,” says Matt. “And bringing an experience where everyone can take some time for the ‘SweetLife.’”

Sweetlife Lane
2180 Third St., White Bear Lake
Facebook: SweetLife Lane
Instagram: @sweetlifelane


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