Perks of Learning New Exercises

by | Sep 2022

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Learning through Movement

For many, education connotes sedentary activity, such as sitting in a classroom or at a computer. But learning can take many other forms—like downward dog or squats and lunges. Learning through fitness classes is a powerful combination that yields double the benefits.

Learning new ways to exercise at home or in classes can not only help to build muscle strength, stamina and flexibility—it also fires synopses in your brain, helping to build intelligence and strengthen memory. Cardiovascular exercise, for example, can actually create new brain cells. The process, called neurogenesis, can improve overall brain performance. Heart rate increasing cardio classes have also been shown to prevent cognitive decline and memory loss by strengthening the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

In this season of learning, you may try giving your brain and body a double dose of good through exercise. So, instead of heading to the library or a local university to take a class, remember there’s always one waiting for you at a local fitness center.

Brittany Tobin Mrkvicka is a certified fitness instructor and owner of Zen Fitness & Wellness. Learn more at
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