Lessons Learned: WBLAHS Grad Monte Collins Will Serve His Country While Studying Law

by | Sep 2020

White Bear Lake Area High School grad Monte Collins

Photo: Madeline Goewey Photography

White Bear Lake Area High School grad Monte Collins is headed to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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Monte Collins, White Bear Lake Area High School

What are you most proud of in regard to your academic career?

I am proud in my ability to remain balanced, maintaining academic excellence while involved in sports and extra-curricular activities.  

What sports and/or extra-curricular activities were you involved in?

I was involved in football, track and field, a member of choir and captain of wrestling.

What are your thoughts on missing some of the big events of your senior year?

During the school year it was easy to want everything to end quickly, but until it really happened, it was hard to realize what we were missing. I guess we have to live with the classes around us talking about their last time doing things their senior year while we won’t share those memories.

How have you filled your time during the coronavirus?

I’ve spent time exercising, writing and hanging around family more often during the virus.

What are your plans for the fall?

In the fall I will be starting my first academic semester at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Area of study?
I will study law.

Who is one person who has had a profound impact on your life, and how?

My brothers have all fostered different parts of my character, including creativity, open-mindedness and discipline so I am thankful to all of them.

What have you learned about yourself during this time of coronavirus?  

Something I’ve learned and am working to correct myself on during the virus is that I have great dependence on outside influences to keep me on track, for instance sports providing me with exercise and schoolwork provides me mental stimulation. I’ve worked to have self-discipline in order to be able to perform such tasks without outside help.  

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to be moved on to graduate school in pursuit of a law degree and continued service to the country.  

Do you have a favorite quote or words of wisdom?

“Doubt is the first step to defeat.”


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