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by | Mar 2021

Luutsön band members

Photo: Luutsön

New band Luutsön creates a legacy.

When asked how it feels to be making music with his fellow bandmates, Seth Bostrom says it’s one of his favorite things to do. “Creating music with each other is such a unique experience,” he says.

Luutsön, whose style of music can be described as post-punk/indie, is Bostrom (vocals, guitars, keys), Tim King (drums), Joe Harrier (bass) and Jake Larson (guitar). Bostrom, King and Larson went to Northwestern College where they have known and played music with each other for about 10 years. Bostrom meet Harrier while they played at church together.

But much of Luutsön’s musical influence comes from Bostrom’s memories with his father as a kid. Bostrom says they took trips to Menards listening to music like Bruce Springsteen in the car; he’d listen and think, “This is cool.”

“In a place of wonder as a kid, and emotionally, you think nothing can ever take you down,” says Bostrom. He liked the way music made him feel; it was influential and inspiring. So, he wanted to create music reminiscent of what he and his dad would play when running errands, doing chores around the house and hanging out in the living room.

“It’s nostalgic in a way with the 70s/80s music,” says Bostrom. “It influences us in a lot of positive ways.”

Bostrom says he’s worked musically with the group before, but this time was different. Bostrom and his wife had moved to Alaska two years ago after his father passed away—he was a big supporter of his musical endeavors. The idea of forming the band rooted out from the question: “What’s next?” Bostrom knew he needed to have guys he could completely trust and be around in his early stages of grief.

“It’s risky as an artist to dig deep into the things that are really hard to explain, and be out there for people to listen to it,” says Bostrom. “A lot of the music will continue to tell the stories of coming of age-type thing; figuring out how to navigate life, loss and love.”

Starting in his early twenties, he says he didn’t care what people thought of him. Now, having a wife and kids, he wants to leave a legacy. He says, “It’s bigger than just me.”

Their latest single, Nossemark, pays homage to Bostrom’s Swedish heritage, and the people in our lives who impact us the most. “When you lose somebody, it changes a lot, you start to see different and appreciate things you didn’t before, he says.”

Stream Luutsön’s music on all major music platforms. To directly support Luutsön, go to Bandcamp.


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