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Koselig Candle Co co-founders Matt Kruger & Blake Anderson
Koselig Candle Co offers a deeper meaning of “cozy.”

The word “koselig,” loosely translated in Norwegian, means cozy But the meaning of “koselig” isn’t just a simple translation—it’s a mindset.

This “koselig” mindset began for co-founder Matt Kruger when he bought a candle-making kit after college graduation in 2015. He put aside his tinkering around and set forth to create a business. Before he could do so, he asked his life-long best friend and graphic designer, Blake Anderson, to create the logo.

“It didn’t cost a whole lot to get started,” says Anderson. 

Kruger and Anderson would make candles for fun and gift them to family and friends. “We made about 70 different scents for them to sniff,” says Anderson.

In January 2016, they turned their creative outlet into Koselig Candle Co.

The inspiration for naming their company “koselig” was Anderson’s Norwegian grandmother, Ardis. She uses the phrase, “Det er så koselig her inne!” which translates to: “It’s so cozy in here.”

“You can describe a conversation, a house, a person as “koselig,” says Anderson. “It’s the small and unnoticed things you look back on that are calming and cozying.”

Currently, Kruger and Anderson both have studios in their houses where they create and pour the 100 percent soy candles.