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by | Jan 2021

Colorful Daisy Earrings

Lend me an ear! A model wears a few of Sam Snyder’s delightfully whimsical designs. Photo: Chris Emeott

A young jewelry designer with big goals.

“I’ve always been interested in art that stands out, so I figured why not incorporate that into my jewelry,” says owner and full-time student, Sam Snyder of Spotted Mushroom Co.

Snyder’s Esty shop started out as a quarantine hobby in June, but as time went on, her ideas turned into something bigger than she ever expected. Beginning as quick sketch ideas, her pieces are made in her small at-home studio space. She works with polymer clay and hypoallergenic hardware that is oven-baked and coated with glossy varnish to be durable and wearable. 

Enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout studying art education and minoring in printmaking, art has not only been a stable outlet for Snyder but says the teaching component will be an added bonus. “Teaching art is more than what many think it is,” says Snyder. “It is a class that allows students to learn about new cultures, issues and information—it also is a space for students to let their creativity flourish and freely express themselves.” Snyder hopes her future students feel valued in her classroom and understand the importance of art.  

“I’ve always dreamed of being a self-employed/full time artist,” says Snyder, “and this is just a step towards that goal.” 


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