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by | Jan 2019

Vegan Vision Clothing Environment White Bear lake

Photo: Tate Carlson

A new vegan clothing line encourages people to think about their impact on this world.

Being good to our world, respecting other living creatures and treating our bodies well is easier than most people think. Many are also unaware of the benefits of wearing clothes that are made without using any animal products—enter Plnt BSD.

Caroline Yares, a tried-and-true animal lover, is the creator and owner of Plnt BSD, a completely cruelty-free online shop that sells apparel ranging from printed T-shirts to leggings and other accessories like reusable shopping bags adorned with a cow’s face, hats and even underwear with sayings like “plant based booty.”

Yares started her plant-based journey which led to this venture four years ago when she participated in No Meat May—avoiding meat for the entire month. Once she realized how realistic it was to attain a meat-free lifestyle, she decided to take it one step further and become fully vegan.

“I am an animal lover, and I wanted to truly mean that. Meaning not causing harm to animals in any way, shape or form,” Yares says.

As many great ideas arise, hers came while sipping a margarita in a pool with her husband. Yares decided to print T-shirts which became a hit with their vegan and non-vegan friends and family—thus Plnt BSD was born.

Being a non-confrontational person, Yares likes the phrase Plnt BSD because it’s not quite as “in your face” as other vegan apparel she has come across. She wants to spread her message and bring awareness to the plant-based lifestyle. She hopes her store will entice vegan and vegetarians as well as catch the attention of people simply looking to learn more about what a plant-based lifestyle can do for them, both physically and emotionally.

“Plnt BSD makes people silently [ask questions], or come and ask what it means, and then in turn hopefully question the decisions they make on a day to day basis,” Yares says.

Although Plnt BSD’s products are currently only sold online, Yares continues to search for the perfect spot to open a small shop in White Bear Lake. She wants to partner with another small business and in the future open a smoothie bowl cafe that doubles as an apparel shop.

All item sold by Plnt BSD are completely vegan, meaning none of the materials used to make them were tested on animals. Their products are all PETA and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified, which means they are ethically and sustainably made in humane working conditions. To receive these certifications, Yares and the businesses that make her products had to go through an extensive application process to ensure they met all of the guidelines.

Plnt BSD offers options to suit many tastes. Yares is partial to the tank tops because of their flowy and loose fit, comfortable for any activity. The goal is to create fuss-free options that suit al lifestyles. “I only buy styles that I would personally wear,” Yares says.

Yares explains reasons becoming vegan include benefits to the environment. Plant-based proteins like legumes, tofu and nuts are much cleaner fuel for our bodies and also cut back on the amount of waste and pollutants produced by factory farms, says Yares.

“I went vegan for the animals,” she says.

In addition to Yares’ vegan clothing business, there are several other businesses in the area that promote a plant-based lifestyle. These include the Herbivorous Butcher, a completely plant-based “butcher” shop with meat-free meats and dairy-free cheese, and Vegan East, a vegan bakery that specializes in plant-based goodies like cupcakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls and cookies.

Brother and sister duo, Aubrey and Kale Walch, both vegans, started the Herbivorous Butcher shop after years of creating meat-free alternatives for their vegan and vegetarian family and friends. Marketing communications coordinator Laura vanZandt is also a vegan.

VanZandt first became a vegetarian nearly 11 years ago for ethical reasons. A few years later, she transitioned to being vegan, citing conditions in animal agriculture as the reason for the transition.

Sheila Nelson, owner of Vegan East, also lives a vegan lifestyle to improve her own well-being as well as the health of the planet. She creates desserts for those who still want to enjoy tasty treats, but feel better knowing they are cruelty-free. She also supports Yares’ clothing store. “My motivation is the animals. If I can show people that baked goods can taste great without using any animal by-products, then that’s one step closer to opening them up to vegan foods,” Nelson says.

VanZandt, before she was able to find brands offering plant-based apparel, shopped secondhand to ensure her choices were smarter for the environment.

VanZandt, Nelson and Yares each want to respect this earth and introduce others to their vegan vision. Whether it is through creating clothing, making delicious meat-free options or baking brownies, they all stand united to offer cruelty free options to everyone.

“The animals thank me, my body thanks me and my soul thanks me,” Yares says.


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