Local Woman Makes Blankets That Combine Warmth with Kindness

A cozy blanket is something people crave during the winter months as they stare out their frosty windows, sipping hot cocoa. Founder of All the Feels Co. Amy Grabow has designed a blanket doing just that—and she’s added a wonderful bonus. “For every blanket that is purchased, All the Feels will donate another blanket or the financial equivalent to a youth-based nonprofit,” Grabow says.

The idea came from Grabow’s ambition to do something she loved professionally, but also something to help people. “I have a career in retail and was still working very closely with Target and other retailers. But I wanted to put together something that I felt was a way for me to give back,” Grabow says. After a former colleague approached and asked her to partner with Target during the 2017 holiday season, Grabow refined her ideas from an entire bedding collection to blankets. “We ended up with just a really great quality, soft and cozy blanket at a great price,” she says.

The company’s name came about after one of Grabow’s colleagues shared it during a brainstorming session. “All the Feels is a slang term, and I interpret it as feeling goodness or giving good vibes; it’s a very positive saying,” Grabow says. “We just all felt like that was a great name for our brand.”

For every blanket sold, one is donated [or the monetary equivalent] to a nonprofit All the Feels is associated with, one of them being Covenant House, which is the largest youth homeless organization in the U.S. The other, Together We Rise, works with children in the foster care system.

Grabow made the product even better by allowing people in Mahtomedi to be the models for the blankets. Grabow sat down with her oldest daughter Abbey and asked her to pick three friends she felt embodied goodness and kindness. “So she picked three girls that she felt represented that and that would also represent the faces of girls across the U.S. that would be buying these blankets and would be proud to give back,” Grabow says. Grabow’s other daughters, Stella and Vivian, modeled with the blankets as well.

Grabow looks to the future of All the Feels Co. and is excited to add more products to the brand down the line. “We have a plan to incorporate more color waves and different materials as we get further into the spring season,” Grabow says. “Depending on how the selling season goes, we’re planning on going back to Target and hopefully they’ll renew their exclusivity with us for the holiday season next year.”

The one thing Grabow wants people to take away from all of this is that it’s helping a significant amount of children, which is exactly what she wanted to do. “We’re planning to give away almost a quarter of a million dollars in four months alone,” Grabow says. “The blankets sold at Target, the impact that this will have on nonprofits in the U.S., will be significant. So I want to make sure that that’s really the ultimate message of how much this is going to help others.”