Little Fawn

by | Mar 2023

Little Fawn

Photo: Alyssa Boldischar

Local photographer captures a “magical kind of moment.”

“I saw a little fawn walking around in my front yard. I grabbed my camera and went outside to attempt to capture a few photos,” says local photographer Alyssa Boldischar. “At first, the fawn was scared when it saw me and ran down the hill. I sat at the top of the hill very still and quiet for about five minutes, hoping he would come back in view. When, suddenly, I saw his little ears pop up in the greenery about 15 feet away from me … He just stood there for about a minute, very curious—looking at me as I took photos. It was a magical kind of moment. He couldn’t have been more than a couple days old.”

“I have been a professional photographer for 12 years. I moved to the White Bear Lake area six years ago and instantly fell in love with photographing the wildlife, especially the deer,” Boldischar says.

Photographer: Alyssa Boldischar
Title: Little Fawn
Equipment: Nikon D810 camera with a 200mm telephoto lens


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