Helping Through Hockey

Local organization let’s kids don skates and hit the ice.

Becki Boldt, mom and executive director of Hockey Moms USA, always had a passion for hockey. Basing her organization off of another nonprofit helping military hockey kids, Defending the Blue Line, she devoted her time, money and resources to helping lower-income kids enjoy the sport.

Since its inception, Hockey Moms USA has raised around $45,000 and helped between 300 to 400 kids with equipment costs, registration fees and the opportunity to attend a hockey camp for free.

Besides direct sponsorships, the nonprofit raises money through word of mouth and silent auctions. There are currently about 60 kids on the waitlist, Boldt says, and adds the organization is always in need of donations.

“It’s very rewarding to know we’re helping someone play hockey,” Boldt says. “You can’t help everyone, but helping one person is enough.”